Order of Service & Zoom link, 6 Sept – communion

Season of Creation – First Sunday

6 September 2020 – Celebration of Communion

Andover, Broad Chalke & Salisbury United Reformed Churches — on Zoom

No matter what distance separates us, through Christ, we are one body.

In love, we are always connected.

Zoom link for 10:30 Sunday morning worship   https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89190316526  (Zoom Meeting ID: 891 9031 6526)

Or call in from your telephone:   02034815237  Meeting ID = 89190316526#   OR  0131 460 1196

Meeting ID = 89190316526#  (Personal ID = #)

At home preparation:

  1. Communion Preparation: We will be celebrating communion, so please have bread and juice ready.  You may use any grain product and beverage that is available to you, e.g. crackers and water will suffice.
  2. Reflect on your responsibilities as a member of our church community and as a steward of God’s creation.
  3. Order of Service to download and print:  FINAL Short Order of Service -6 Sept 2020
  4. Young at heart: for Sunday, you might like to do the following activity and bring it along….We sometimes have lists of rules pinned up in places we go to. You might have one in school (no running in the corridors, wear school uniform etc). I know we have some in the Church buildings. Can you make a poster with some rules for being a good member of a community? They might be practical rules like washing your hands and they could include some rules that make it a happier place, like saying sorry if you upset someone. You could decorate your poster with some drawings too if you want. Bring what you made to the ZOOM service on Sunday and show everyone. We look forward to seeing them.
  5. Season of Creation (Creation Time)    Creation Time started in the Orthodox Church in 1989. The European Christian Environmental Network has urged churches to adopt a Season of Creation, stretching from 1 September to the feast of St Francis on 4 October. This was endorsed at the European Ecumenical Assembly in Sibiu, Romania in 2007, when it was agreed that this ‘season’ “be dedicated to prayer for the protection of Creation and the promotion of sustainable lifestyles (perma-cultures) that reverse our contribution to climate change.”  Andover United Reformed Church has observed Season of Creation for many years as part of being an Eco-Church.

Whatever befalls the earth, befalls the children of the earth.
We did not weave the web of life, we are merely a strand in it.
Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.    –attributed to Chief Seattle

Order of Service

Welcome      Please keep your microphone muted unless you are speaking.

Prelude     One of Mendelssohn’s Songs without Words for piano

Church Notices    

  • Corona Christ Care Group continues to meet on Zoom each Tuesday afternoon for fellowship and Bible Study, looking at the upcoming Sunday’s readings – Everyone is invited.
  • There are numerous notices posted on the Salisbury Church website each week including the Sunday Order of Service, prayers requests from Zambia, URC and community events, and other information for church members. Be sure to check you junk email box, as they are sent out as a bulk mailing each Friday morning.  Also, the weekly devotion that Ana puts together goes out to everyone’s email on Monday morning. It, too, may be going to your junk email box, so do take a look.

Gathering     My heart soars, by Chief Dan George, Chief of an American Peoples.

The beauty of the trees,
The softness of the air,
The fragrance of the grass,
Speaks to me.

The summit of the mountain,
The thunder of the sky,
The rhythm of the sea,
Speaks to me.

The faintness of the stars,
The freshness of the morning,
The dew drop on the flower,
Speaks to me.

The strength of fire,
The taste of salmon,
The trail of the sun,
And the life that never goes away,
They speak to me,
And my heart soars.

Opening Hymn    Lord of all your love’s creation – Stephen Parish © 2010 S. Parish, music © 1970 OUP  CCL 7006679  (Sing Praise 113)

Lord of all your love’s creation,
Present in each time and place,
May this earthly house of worship
Be a source of heavenly grace.
Spirit, who at Christ’s baptizing
Came upon him as a dove,
Come, renew us for that symbol,
Seal us in God’s faith and love.
Word of God, made flesh in Jesus,
Help us read, mark, learn and feed
On your written word of power,
Reaching to our every need.
For the preaching of the gospel,
Making known your word to all,
Lord, we pray, and for the preachers
Humbly answering your call.
When we meet around your table,
Lord, be here in bread and wine,
Real to us who find your presence
In the world as in this sign
Christ, whose cross is foolish wisdom,
Teach us sacrificial ways
To reveal your truth to strangers,
Welcome them in pilgrims’ praise.
Praise to God whose power within us
Helps us more than we can say,
In the church, and in Christ Jesus,
In each age, and day by day.
So we join in common worship,
Sharing in this house of prayer;
Come, Lord God, among your people:
May all say that “God is there!”

Pastoral Prayer  (Including a Celtic Benediction by J Philip Newell) & The Lord’s Prayer  

Scripture      Romans13:8-14       Anne Norris

Children’s Message   Community Rules

Collection & Dedication of Offering    Duty Elder – Fiona Crowther 

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Prayers for our world      Hugh Abel

Response:   Creative Spirit who makes all things new,       We lift our prayers to you.

Scripture   Matthew 18:15-20     

Hymn  Beauty for brokenness – Graham Kendrick ©1993 Make Way Music CCL 1236690  (Sing Praise 237)


Beauty for brokenness, hope for despair,

Lord, in your suffering world this is our prayer.

Bread for the children, justice, joy, peace,

Sunrise to sunset your kingdom increase!


Shelter for fragile lives, cures for their ills,

Work for the craftsmen, trade for their skills.

Land for the dispossessed, rights for the weak,

Voices to plead the cause of those who can’t speak.

God of the poor, friend of the weak,

Give us compassion, we pray:

Melt our cold hearts, let tears fall like rain.

Come, change our love from a spark to a flame.


Refuge from cruel wars, havens from fear,

Cities for sanctuary, freedoms to share.

Peace to the killing fields, scorched earth to green,

Christ for the bitterness, his cross for the pain.


Rest for the ravaged earth, oceans and streams,

Plundered and poisoned: our future, our dreams.

Lord, end our madness, carelessness, greed;

Make us content with the things that we need.

God of the poor, friend of the weak,

Give us compassion, we pray:

Melt our cold hearts, let tears fall like rain.

Come, change our love from a spark to a flame.


Lighten our darkness, breathe on this flame,

Until your justice burns brightly again;

Until the nations learn of your ways,

Seek your salvation and bring you their praise.

God of the poor, friend of the weak,

Give us compassion, we pray:

Melt our cold hearts, let tears fall like rain.

Come, change our love from a spark to a flame.


Sermon   God sticks with us—through sin and separation.

Communion hymn  Be known to us in breaking bread – James Montgomery © PD, CCL 145342        (Rejoice & Sing 441)

Be known to us in breaking bread,
But do not then depart,
Saviour, abide with us, and spread
Your table in our heart.
There sup with us in love divine;
Your body and your blood,
That living bread, that heavenly wine,
Be our immortal food.

Prayer of Confession  

Celebration of Communion 

You will be invited to break the piece of bread or cracker you have. If you are a group, each take a piece, and then we will eat together. You will be invited to lift your glass so it can be seen by others, and then we will drink together.

Prayer of Thanksgiving    read in unison

Creator God, thank you for sticking with us through sin and separation, for relieving our burdens and for nourishing us with the Bread of Life. Create of us the living Body of Christ.  Empower us to practice your love and peace in our world today. Amen.

Closing Hymn   Go forth and tell – James Seddon © 1964 J. Seddon– Jubilate Gp, music © 1982 John Barnard – Jubilate Gp  CCL 5727445  (Rejoice & Sing 574)


Go forth and tell!  O Church of God, awake!

God’s saving news to all the nations take:

Proclaim Christ Jesus, Saviour, Lord and King,

That all the world his glorious praise may sing.


Go forth and tell!  God’s love embraces all;

He will in grace respond to all who call:

How shall they call if they have never heard

The gracious invitation of his word?


Go forth and tell!  The doors are open wide:

Share God’s good gifts – let no one be denied;

Live out your life as Christ your Lord shall choose,

Your ransomed powers for his sole glory use.


Go forth and tell!  O Church of God, arise!

Go in the strength which Christ your Lord supplies;

Go till all nations his great name adore

And serve him, Lord and King for evermore.


Sending Forth & Grace      Before we share in the Grace, please return to Gallery View.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us all now and forever.  Amen.

Postlude   Tango Final for flute and piano by Astor Piazzolla (1921 – 1992)

Please stay muted during the postlude.

Breakout Fellowship Groups – You should receive an invitation to a Breakout Room in 1-2 minutes.  Please unmute yourself.

All are also welcome to join the Andover URC Coffee hour on Zoom.  Just click here: https://tibco.zoom.us/j/321438178   or use the link posted in your Chatbox.


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