Order of Service & Link – 3 Oct 2021, World Communion Sunday

World Communion Sunday
3 October 2021, Pentecost 19
Salisbury United Reformed Church
10:30 In-person & on Zoom  (Zoom opens 9:45 for fellowship)
Zoom link:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89190316526
Duty Elder:   Fiona
Preaching:  Revd Gobledale

Why World Communion Sunday?
 In 1936, during a time of fear and growing tension, the first Sunday in October, for the first time, was celebrated as World Wide Communion Sunday in Presbyterian churches in several countries. Today millions of Christians are united through communion on this special Sunday.

Home Worship:  For World Communion Sunday, you are invited to use a different type of bread for communion, representing a country or region of the world.

Church Notices    

  1. New Group: A new 6-session fellowship & Bible Study group with our Ministers started on Friday morning, on Zoom at 11:00-12:30. The group will meet the first two weeks of the month in October, November and December. Everyone is invited and welcome whether you come to a single session, or every time.  The zoom link is the same as for Sunday worship.
  2. Changes: As we return to the church building on Sundays and during the week, please be patient as there will be some changes in order to keep everyone safe, and to try to make space available for a variety of groups. If have any questions about coffee mornings, please contact Diane Coles.
  3. Church Meeting: Next Sunday, 10 October, 12:00 (in-person & Zoom)
    We will be voting on two recommendations from the Elders Meeting.

      • Salisbury URC agrees to register as a legal venue for same-sex marriages
      • Salisbury URC agrees to continue paying for Mission & Ministry at the same rate as 2021 + 1%, adding approximately £21 per month.

People at church will vote by secret ballots; those on Zoom will vote using the chat function, with only one other person knowing your vote.

4. Communion: For World Communion Sunday, the communion bread and juice will be distributed (in church) earlier than has been our custom. We each will hold the elements as we recall the Last Supper and ask God’s blessing upon this meal.

Order of Service


Welcome & Church Notices   Duty Elder – Fiona Crowther

Call to Worship   from Australia

Opening Hymn   RS 599   Christ for the world  (tune: Moscow, RS 38)

Pastoral Prayer & Lord’s Prayer     Psalm 46:1-11 – Zambian revision

Scripture    Psalm 8     Harvey B

Children’s Message   – The Global Welcome Table

Dismissal of Jr Church  

Collection & Dedication of Offering         

Giving – Please continue your gifts to support our church. https://salisburyurc.co.uk/donate-now/

Prayer of Dedication   Anglican Church in South Africa

Scripture  Mark 10:2-16

Hymn   When people brought their children  by George Stuart, Australia

Sermon  ‘Let the Children Come’ – an interview with Izabela traveling to Zanzibar

Prayers for our World     Mervyn S

Communion Reflection  – a tradition of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), USA

A Truly Great Privilege, Neema’s story from the United Church of Nepal

Communion Hymn   RS 453   Let us talent and tongues employ (verses 1&2)

Celebration of Communion  

Hymn & Prayer of Thanksgiving  RS 453  Let us talent and tongues employ (verse 3)

Closing Hymn  RS 549  One more step along the world I go

Sending Forth & The Grace   


Go blessed to be a blessing

You are welcome to remain on Zoom for fellowship.

Salisbury United Reformed Church

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