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Daily Prayers for our World

We pray that children around the world would be protected from measles by vaccination. The WHO warns that at least 73 million have missed out on their vaccine during Covid, with a series of outbreaks in the last 12 months. God, protect those who are currently vulnerable. We pray that health programmes would be able […]

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Prqyers for Zambia

Please give thanks that the cholera outbreak is contained. Praise God for the staff of Kalingalinga Hospital. Pray for the officers and boys of the Boys’ Brigade at St John’s, especially for the witness and worship given by the BB band.

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Prayers for our World

We pray for insect biodiversity, as climate change and intensive agriculture have halved the number of insects in some parts of the world. Insects have important roles in ecosystems, such as pollination and pest control. God, help us to treasure all life. We pray that we would find solutions to rebalance our damaged ecosystems. We […]

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Remembering John Banks on 15 May

John Bank’s encouraging and joyful spirit blessed us especially during our Zoom worship services, joining in from Somerset.  Ana & Tod, Peter & Anne were able to attend the family’s farewell for John. Salisbury URC will be remembering John during the 15 May Sunday morning service. Please continue to hold Melanie and their family in […]

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Prayers for our world

On this World Earth Day, we pray for businesses, governments and citizens together to #InvestInOurPlanet. God, help our climate action to be global and local in its nature. May we act boldly, innovate broadly and implement equitably, in order to preserve and protect our health, our families and our livelihoods.   We give thanks for […]

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Prayers for Zambia

There has been a case of cholera in Mtendere. It is the first case in Zambia for years. Pray that the public health and personal hygiene measures will prevent the spread of cholera in our area. Our Lusaka Presbytery bishop, Rev Lordwell Siame, has launched national fundraising to build new radio and TV studios for […]

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Daily Prayers for Our World

We pray for refugees who are vulnerable to exploitation and trafficking. Women and children fleeing war are being targeted as they travel and on social media-based matching sites for refugees. God, we pray that conflict zones would not be fertile ground for human trafficking. Protect those who are already vulnerable from further harm.     […]

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Daily Prayers for our world

On this International Day of Remembrance of Victims of Slavery, we pray for an end to racial injustice. God of reconciliation, help us to face the legacies of this history with humility and repentance. May we stand united against racism and together build societies based on dignity, equality and solidarity.           […]

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