Ministers head to Zambia

Ana & Tod are embarking on a trip to Zambia!

For updates, read their posts at Zambia Journey.

The Partnership Exchange project, funded through the Wessex Synod World Church Group, has been created to benefit the partnership of Wessex Synod URC and the Lusaka Presbytery UCZ. The Gobledale’s visit also builds on the current partnership between Salisbury URC and St John’s United Church in Zambia in Mtendere, which will host them 19 August -8 September.

Ana, as recipient of the Short Term Study Grant, will be in Zambia 17 July – 1 October. Her time will be split between the Presbytery of Lusaka and the United Church of Zambia University in Kitwe. While guest of Bishop Choma, she will be meeting with various church groups. While at the University, she will be teaching two modules on ‘Liturgy in Africa.’ The primary goal for Ana is to create and publish liturgy and worship material that will benefit both denominations.

If you would like to write, letters may be sent to:

Revd Gobledale, c/o St Paul’s Guest House, Burma Road, PO Box 50035, 15101 Ridgeway, Lusaka, Zambia.


Salisbury United Reformed Church