Journey through Lent – Tuesday Gatherings

5 Weekly Lent Gatherings – starting 23 February – Tuesdays 2:30-3:30 GMT

For fellowship, Bible study, and to grow in discipleship

Zoom link   (same as for Sunday worship)

We’ll be guided by the booklet, Through the Eyes of Mark. (You will not need to have a copy.)

The author, Ian Paul, was Managing Editor of Grove Books, taught New Testament Greek at St John’s College in Nottingham, and served as a non-stipendiary minister in Salisbury! (an interesting coincidence).

Mr Paul writes: ‘It is not possible to cover every verse of Mark’s Gospel in five weeks. However, the way Mark has arranged his Gospel gives us some help. He often gathers together material that illustrates a theme, so by looking at one of these sections we can gain a fresh insight into the Gospel as a whole.’

Themes we’ll be exploring and questions we’ll be discussing include:

• What are the ‘main themes’ in Jesus’s life and what would you identify as the ‘main themes’ in your own life-story?
• What aspects of Jesus’s identity are significant for you in your experience as a Christian?
• What sort of life situations are ‘wilderness’ experiences for you?
• When did Jesus feel misunderstood? When have you felt misunderstood?
• Betrayal – what does it feel like both to be let down and to let people down?
• Discrimination and persecution – why does this happen? How does it feel as victim and as perpetrator?
• How might those oppressed and persecuted be encouraged by Jesus’s behaviour?
• Is there something God is calling you to give up or take up?


Salisbury United Reformed Church

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