Join our family – church membership in the URC

Looking for a church you can call ‘home’?

Come join us at Salisbury URC.

Learn more about membership in the United Reformed Church in ‘Join our Family,’ a vibrant booklet highlighting a photo of the Salisbury Good Friday Walk for Witness.

Join-our-family- URC-membership-booklet-2019 PDF Download

‘Join our Family’,  a colourful booklet for those considering membership in the United Reformed Church, addresses several pertinent questions:

  • What does it mean to be a member of the URC?
  • Who can become a member?
  • What are the origins of the URC?
  • What are the aims and goals of the URC?
  • How is the URC run?
  • What are my resposibilities as a church member?

Sample from the booklet:

What does it mean to be a member of the URC?

Becoming a church member means becoming a recognised part of the world-wide family of Christians. This is the community of all those who believe in God.

Being part of this family encourages us in our faith as we work together to show God’s love and mercy to the world.

The United Reformed Church (URC) welcomes all to attend its worship and other activities, and all who attend are part of the community and life of church.  Becoming a member of the URC enables you to take part in the life of the Church including its decision-making bodies.

Download a PDF copy of the complete booklet: Join-our-family- URC-membership-booklet-2019

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