Harvest Sunday 20 Sept – Link & Order of Service

Zoom link for Sunday morning worship


Zoom Meeting ID: 891 9031 6526

Andover, Broad Chalke & Salisbury URCs – on Zoom

9:45 fellowship – 10:30 service

Order of Service

You are invited to greet one another as we gather for worship. 


Prelude     Slideshow of harvest photos from our gardens

Church Notices    

  • Revd David Witts will be bringing our message this morning.
  • Please, remember to check your Chatbox throughout the service. Words to the songs, readings and information about giving options will all be shared with you in the chatbox.
  • Corona Christ Care Group continues to meet on Zoom Tueday afternoons for fellowship and Bible Study, looking at the upcoming Sunday’s readings – Everyone is invited.
  • Andover URC has a Church Meeting today at 12:00 following this service.
  • Our Harvest collections will go to support Commitment for Life, Alabare and Trussell Trust Charities. You may pay into your church’s account and let the Treasurer know to which charity your gift should be forwarded, or make your gift directly to the charity of your choice. Please give generously to make a difference in the lives of those who have so much less.
  • Two more Wessex Synod Gatherings meet on Zoom tomorrow evening and Wednesday evening. Each gathering has a different topic.
  • Commitment for Life’s virtual Pilgrimage to Bethlehem is being held on Tuesday.
  • Maundrel Men meets Friday morning.
  • Contact your church Secretary or the Minister or look on the Salisbury Church website for the Zoom links to these events.

Call to worship

Opening Hymn   RS 48 Praise and thanksgiving – A.F.Bayley © 1988 OUP; music  © 2007 International Liturgy Publications CCL 5814468

Praise and thanksgiving,
Father, we offer,
For all things living
You have made good;
Harvest of sown fields,
Fruits of the orchard,
Hay from the mown fields,
Blossom and wood.
Lord, bless the labour
We bring to serve you,
That with our neighbour
We may be fed.
Sowing or tilling,
We would work with you;
Harvesting, milling,
For daily bread.
Father, providing
Food for your children,
Your wisdom guiding
Teaches us share
One with another,
So that, rejoicing,
Sister and brother
May know your care.
Then will your blessing
Reach every people;
Each one confessing
Your gracious hand:
When you are reigning
No one will hunger,
Your love sustaining
Fruitful the land.

Pastoral Prayer &  The Lord’s Prayer      

Scripture  Jonah 3:10-4:11     

Children’s Time   Presentation of Jr Church Books   

Collection & Dedication of Offering   —  Please continue your gifts to support our churches.

Single gift & Standing Order & PayPal options are available for your gifts at https://salisburyurc.co.uk/donate-now/

PayPal direct link: (note if for Salisbury, Andover or Broad Chalke)


Bank details for Andover URC:  Sort Code 40-08-28;   Account No. 51652362;   Account Name: Andover United Reformed Church

Bank details for Salisbury URC:  Salisbury United Reformed Church Current Account; Sort Code : 40-52-40; Account No: 00016092

Prayers for our world   Prayer response:   God, in your mercy,   HEAR OUR PRAYER

Scripture   Matthew 20:1-16             

Hymn   The Labourers in the Vineyard – George Stuart Yr.A  No.68 ; music PD (tune = We plough the fields and scatter, RS 124)

God’s kingdom was the focus
Whenever Jesus taught.
The people heard of freedom;
The message they all sought.
He used familiar customs,
The life-style that they knew
To tell of God’s intention
For everything we do.
As we hear the story
God’s kingdom comes close by.
It will appear, For those who hear
To charm and edify.
Quite early in the morning
He hired men each day;
This owner of a vineyard
Set normal rates of pay.
But as the evening hastened
He went to hire more;
For men still stood there idle
As others had before.
As we hear the story
God’s kingdom comes close by.
It will appear
For those who hear
To prompt the question, ‘Why?’
Now when the day was ended
Those hired last were paid.
Imagine their amazement
At payments they were made.
Though working just one hour,
(They could not take it in.)
They got a full day’s wages.
“Where does one’s thanks begin?”
As we hear the story
God’s kingdom comes quite near.
A gen’rous deed, Can sow a seed;
For those who wish to hear.
The labourers, who worked through
The blazing midday sun,
Expected from the owner,
For all the work they’d done,
A comprehensive increase
On what had been agreed;
The owner did not listen;
Their claims he did not heed.
As we hear the story
God’s Kingdom is expressed.
We must discern; We cannot earn
The love with which we’re blest.
The owner asked those workers
To search their hearts and mind.
“Why must you be so jealous
Because I have been kind?
I paid you all fair wages;
I gave this guarantee.
But if, as well, I’m gracious –
That’s what I choose to be!
Deep within this story
God’s reign is bountiful.
Grace lies beyond, The justice pond,
An ocean, wonderful!

Sermon  The Problem of Generosity      Revd David Witts

Prayer for the Week (said in unison)

Heavenly Creator, at this Harvest Time,  we acknowledge that all good gifts around us are sent from you.
Help us to receive them gratefully, to use them wisely and to share them unselfishly,
as good stewards of your bounty, for the sake of your Son and our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Closing Hymn RS 113 Let all God’s people – A.C.Ainger © URC; music PD CCL 1596165

Let all God’s people join in one
To lift the heart and voice,
The Lord hath done great things for us,
And therefore we rejoice:
For the harvest of bygone ages,
In the hope of the coming days,
Go into his gates with thankfulness
And into his courts with praise
We with our ears have heard the tale,
The tale apostles told,
What wonders God for them and us
Did in the time of old:
For the harvest of bygone ages,
In the hope of the coming days,
Go into his gates with thankfulness
And into his courts with praise
They sowed the seed and watered it
In sorrow and in care;
But God alone the increase gave
And made it blossom fair:
For the harvest of bygone ages,
In the hope of the coming days,
Go into his gates with thankfulness
And into his courts with praise
All praise to him whose bounty crowns
With flowers and fruit the year;
God is our hope and strength today,
Therefore, we will not fear:
For the harvest of bygone ages,
In the hope of the coming days,
Go into his gates with thankfulness
And into his courts with praise

Sending Forth  & The Grace    Please return to Gallery View.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us all now and ever more.  Amen.


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