FairTrade Injustice Calendar -thank you!

From Fairtrade…

Thank you so much for joining us for this year’s Injustice Advent Calendar!

If you missed any days or just want to be reminded of any of the campaigns you can check them out here.

On the first day of advent Traidcraft Exchange (TX) gave to me…a campaign on Business Human Rights responsibility

On the second day of advent TX gave to me… NDCS tips for deaf awareness

On the third day of advent TX gave to me…Fashion Revolution’s checklist of actions on the climate crisis

Powered by 20 charities, countless cups of tea and over 12,000 of you, we came together this December to make the world a brighter place.

Fighting for a better world isn’t easy and it can be draining being constantly faced with different injustices from the climate crisis, to human rights. And so your last action in this year’s Injustice Advent Calendar is to…REST!

Rest, recuperate, and remind yourself of the difference you made this December.

Whether you are celebrating tomorrow or not, we hope you have a wonderful day and thank you again for making this year’s calendar such a success.

Salisbury United Reformed Church

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