Daily Prayes for our World

We pray for everyone affected by Covid-19. Whether through bereavement, income loss, illness, or isolation, the effects of the pandemic have been wide-reaching and devastating. God, we pray for your healing, for people and for the world, after this year of illness.

We give thanks for indigenous leaders tackling climate change. A recent UN report highlights the role native communities can play in tackling deforestation, with indigenous leaders protecting around an eighth of global carbon stored by tropical rainforests. God, we give thanks for your creation, and for those who look after it.

We give thanks for green electricity. Great Britain’s electricity system was the greenest it had ever been at lunchtime on Easter Bank Holiday Monday. God, we thank you for innovative solutions to the climate crisis, and for increased prevalence of green energy.

We pray for Northern Ireland. Last week, violence broke out on consecutive nights in parts of Northern Ireland, as issues around Brexit have caused concern around peace in the country. God, we pray for your peace in Northern Ireland, and an end to divisions.

We pray for people experiencing loneliness. Loneliness during lockdown has been much more intense in poorer, urban areas and places with a higher proportion of young people. God, we pray comfort and companionship for people who are lonely.

We pray for Brazil. Last week, the country recorded more than 4000 related Covid-related deaths in 24 hours for the first time, as a more contagious variant fuels a surge in cases. God, we pray for the healing which you bring, and comfort for those who are mourning.

We pray for teachers and school staff. A survey recently showed that one in three teachers plan to quit the classroom within five years because of increased workload and diminishing respect for the profession. God, we pray that teachers and students might both have positive, stable, and manageable experiences of being in schools.

Joan Smith

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