Daily Prayers for our World

We pray for victims of domestic abuse. A study has found that 27% of women worldwide aged 15 to 49 have experienced violence by a male partner in their lifetime, with the true figure likely even higher. God, we grieve this terrible sin. We pray that support and justice for survivors would improve, and that more would be done to prevent men from abusing in the first place.

                                                                                                                                          We give thanks for the journalists, technical and support staff risking their lives to ensure that events in warzones are reported accurately. More than 50 UK journalists are in Ukraine, sending up-to-date reports around the world. God, we thank you for their courage and pray for their protection. For the sake of the victims of war, we pray that truth would prevail over misinformation.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                We give thanks for the outcomes of House of Lords voting on the Nationality and Borders Bill, including an amendment lifting the ban on asylum seekers working. If approved by the House of Commons, this would allow them to take on work six months after submitting an asylum claim. God, we thank you for this decision, and pray that it would become law.

We pray again for peace in Ukraine. Russia has taken control of its first Ukrainian cities, but resistance to the invasion remains defiant. We offer our prayers, small as they seem, to Jesus the Prince of Peace. Protect those in danger, and comfort those in mourning. We pray for hearts to change, war to cease, and a just peace

International Women’s Day, we pray for a gender equal world that is free of bias, stereotypes, inequality and discrimination. We lament where the brokenness in our world leads to the oppression of women. God, help us to build a society that is inclusive and fair for all.

We pray for refugees fleeing conflict around the world. Over one million Ukrainians have fled the country, joining the some 26 million refugees in the world. God, we pray that every person seeking refuge would find safety and a warm welcome. We thank you for countries who have taken in large numbers, and pray that others would step up to help

We pray for those devastated by record flooding in Australia. The east coast has been battered by a severe weather system that has cut off towns, submerged homes and farms, and killed several people. God, we pray that people would be safe from loss of life. Help those affected to recover from the damage caused.

Joan Smith

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