Daily Prayers for our World

We pray for the fight against dementia. A study has found that the number of people living with dementia globally could triple by 2050 due to population growth and an ageing population. God, we pray for breakthroughs in tackling dementia, so that this forecast would not become reality.

We give thanks for breakthroughs in understanding COVID-19. A team of Polish scientists has identified a gene that they say more than doubles the risk of being seriously ill with the virus, which could help doctors identify those most at risk. God, we thank you for all working to better understand Covid. We pray that this discovery would save many lives.

We give thanks for media committed to reporting on positive news stories. Their hard work to uncover good news is enormously valuable when the mainstream news often focuses on bad news stories. God, we thank you for these journalists, writers and editors. We pray that you would sustain their sense of calling, and that there would be an abundance of positive stories in 2022

We pray for peace to be maintained over Ukraine. Diplomats met last week to discuss the situation as Russian troops gather on the border. God, send your spirit of peace into these conversations. We pray that the wellbeing of Ukraine and its people would not be harmed

We join the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. This is a call for churches around the world to work together to build a good future according to God’s heart, a future in which all human beings can experience life, peace, justice, and love. God, we pray that your Church would be united in order to lead others into your love, and to join your redemptive work in the world. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    We pray for those at risk of death from cold homes as energy bills soar. 25 charities have called for urgent action, warning that millions will suffer and people will die. God, we pray that these vulnerable people would be protected from harm. We long for a world in which no one would be at risk of death because they cannot afford to stay warm.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     We pray for Myanmar, as the junta seeks to ‘make an example’ of its eastern Kayah state. It is estimated that up to 170,000 in Kayah have left their homes amid bombardment by the military. God, we pray for an end to violence in Myanmar and a stop to the terror of the junta. We grieve with those who have lost homes, lives, and loved ones.


Joan Smith

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  1. Please pray for the people of Afghanistan who are in the midst of harsh winter, no homes, no food, no wood for fires due to the continued wars. Pray for those who are fighting to find more sponsors for monies to allow them to purchase more Humanitarian Aid and for their safety as they go out to distribute this much needed aid.

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