Daily Prayers for our World

We pray for a politics characterised by listening, kindness and truthfulness. We lament that politics is fraught with division and contestation. We pray for the imagination and courage to build a kinder politics that uses power responsibly, recognises value in the other, and seeks the common good over self-interest.

We give thanks for the affirmation this week by the N5 nations that ‘a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought’. The USA, China, Russia, France and the UK making this statement as nuclear powers is significant, but should be backed up by continued disarmament. God, we thank you for this commitment, and pray that these would not be empty words

We give thanks for the impact of climate receipts on grocery shopping in Norway. An online grocer has seen a drop in the number of carbon-intensive products sold since introducing receipts telling shoppers how environmentally sound their choices are. God, we thank you for all that helps consumers make better-informed decisions.

We pray for Kazakhstan amid protests against the government. Dozens have been killed in the unrest, and Russian troops were brought in to quell the protests. God, we pray for peace and justice in Kazakhstan: that there would be an end to violence and loss of life, and that the pleas of protestors would be heard.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    We pray for the NHS as it deals with staff absences. Some of the hardest-hit hospitals have been missing as much as 11% of staff due to Covid in the last week. God, we pray for all NHS staff as they are stretched to cover for these absences, and for the patients whose treatment will suffer due to a shortage of staff.

We pray for success in nuclear talks with Iran. Attempts to salvage the 2015 deal, which lifted economic sanctions on Tehran in exchange for restrictions on its nuclear weapons programme, resumed last week. God, we pray for a world without nuclear weapons. Help the negotiators to find positive solutions before the deal becomes meaningless.

We pray for schools as they struggle with Covid-related staff absences. 36% of schools had more than 10% of staff missing as term began, with some classes being sent home for online learning or combined with others. God, we pray that disruption to learning would be minimised, and that all children would receive the support they need.

Joan Smith

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