Daily Prayers for our World

We pray for southern Madagascar. As rains become more erratic, drought has become the norm and harvests have failed, causing widespread starvation. God, we pray for the basic needs of food and water for the people of Madagascar. As stories like this become more and more common, we pray that we would not be desensitized, but that we would be moved to action.

                                                                                                                                                              We pray for victims of sexual violence as a weapon of war. Amnesty International have reported that sexual violence has been rife in Ethiopia’s Tigray conflict – a pattern seen in most wars throughout history. God, we pray for an end to all violence. We cry out to you in pain with these women for healing and restoration from such horrific experiences.

We give thanks for partnerships between young and old. During the pandemic, friendships grew between those over 60 and under 30 as both groups threw themselves into volunteering together. God, thank you for the richness and joy of relationships with those who are different to us. We pray for more intergenerational connecting, campaigning and learning.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    We give thanks that the Afghan girls’ development football squad have been brought to sanctuary in the UK. 32 teenage players, their families, and staff fled Afghanistan in August, but will now be settled in Yorkshire where Leeds United will find all of the girls places in its youth development teams. God, we thank you for the hard work of all involved to ensure these girls can pursue their passion in safety.

We pray for those grieving the death of Sir David Amess MP. A funeral service will be held in Southend today, with a funeral mass at Westminster Cathedral tomorrow. God, we thank you for the life and service of Sir David. Comfort those who are mourning today and into the future.

We pray for Sudan, as protests against the recent coup have resulted in multiple deaths. Opponents to the coup vow to continue protesting as the junta shows no signs of stepping down, but have been met with increasing violence in return. God, we pray for a just and peaceful resolution of this crisis

We pray for those who have experienced continued discrimination in their places of work and leisure. Azeem Rafiq’s testimony reflects the experiences of many who have suffered for years in organisations where discriminatory behaviour has been allowed to go on unchallenged. God, we pray for institutions to change, for apologies to be sincere, and for a society where all are welcomed with dignity and respect.

Joan Smith

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