Daily Prayers for our World

We pray for India as it struggles with power outages. A crippling coal shortage has led to supply disruptions and power cuts lasting up to 14 hours a day, leading ministers to consider stockpiling reserves. God, we pray for sustainable solutions to crises such as these, where people would be able to access the resources they need without causing further harm to the environment.

We pray for the healing of continued wounds over Brexit. The latest British social attitudes survey has shown that the country remains as polarised over the issue as ever, and that only 23% of respondents trust government to put the needs of the nation above party interests. God, we pray for a politics characterised by listening, kindness and truthfulness, where disagreements can be discussed in a healthy way.

We pray for the relationship between the UK and the EU. Tension has grown in recent weeks over Northern Ireland, trade, and fishing rights, among other issues. God, we pray that issues in the post-Brexit relationship could be resolved co-operatively and with respect for the interests of all.

 Every day, we’re encouraging you to lift up your eyes and pray for others around the world as part of #StayAndPray.

We pray for the success of a new global agreement to protect rainforests. Records show that globally in 2019, an average of 97km2 was lost each day due to deforestation. God, we pray that destruction of nature would cease. We mourn the loss of tropical forests and all of the benefits they bring to life on this planet.


Joan Smith

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