Daily Prayers for our World

We pray for new parents, who are still struggling to access health and family support services after Covid. 93% of new parents said they had not been able to access baby and toddler groups, and 75% said they had not been able to find affordable childcare. God, we pray that every child would get the best possible start in life, and that parents would have the vital support that they need.

We pray for the growing number of people experiencing anxiety related to the climate crisis. Young people, especially in countries most immediately vulnerable to climate-related loss and damage, are increasingly distressed about prospects for the future. God, we pray that actions would be taken that alleviate this anxiety, and that people can find hope for the future in you.

We give thanks for green innovations in building technology. A small Swedish town has built a 20-storey wooden skyscraper, showing the advantages building with timber can bring. God, we thank you for the gifts of creativity and innovation, and pray that ideas would grow across all industries for sustainable solutions to climate-related problems.

We give thanks for those who work hard to expand inclusion for children with disabilities, as a teacher in Liverpool is honoured for pioneering new ways of teaching sports to visually impaired children. God, we thank you that space is made for all at your table. Help us to continually and creatively expand our vision to include all with disabilities, as this teacher has done.

We pray for Lebanon, as unrest and violence grow amidst overlapping crises. Gunfire killed at least six people last week as crowds gathered to protest against the judge investigating last year’s Beirut port explosion. God, we pray for peace to be upheld and for justice to be seen for the people of Lebanon.

We pray for GPs and the services they provide. Analysis shows that the number of family doctors has decreased while demand has increased and is forecast to continue growing. This means GPs are more stretched, work longer hours, have harder choices, and patients have to wait longer for care. God, we pray that GPs would be enabled to work to the best of their abilities, and that no one would be without the medical care they need.

We pray for the protection of schoolchildren from Covid-19. Infections rose exponentially among 5-17 year olds in September as they returned to school. God, please protect students and staff from illness, and prevent schools from being centres of infection for the virus.

Joan Smith

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