Daily Prayers for our World

We pray for children’s mental health. A new survey has shown that nearly 40% of 6-16 year-olds and half of 17-23 year-olds felt that their mental health had worsened since the first lockdown. God, we pray that every child would have the support they need to live a life of fullness and flourishing.

We pray for those who have missed important physiotherapy sessions during the coronavirus shutdown. People with a range of physical disabilities and muscular conditions rely on regular physiotherapy to prevent their muscles from becoming weaker, and have found their conditions deteriorating more rapidly without this regular treatment. God, we pray that provision would be made for all who struggle with disabilities and recurring injuries to receive the treatment that they need.

We give thanks for the development of the first malaria vaccine. The new jab prevents 30% of severe cases of malaria, which could save tens of thousands of lives each year. God, we thank you for the teams that have spent years to make this breakthrough, and for all of the lives that will be saved because of their work. We pray that its rollout would be effective

We give thanks for new research showing that trees can absorb more CO2 from the atmosphere than was first thought, which could prove vital in the use of forests as carbon sinks. God, we thank you for the abundant provision of your creation, and pray for the protection of forests around the world

We pray for those facing long waiting lists for life-saving mental health treatment. NHS data shows that there is just one psychiatrist per 12,567 people in England, with the worst shortages in the fields of addiction, eating disorders and adolescent psychiatry. God, we pray that those most in need would not have to wait so long for treatment, and that the crisis of mental health would be addressed

We pray for Ethiopia, which is facing an ‘immense humanitarian crisis’ amid civil war and famine. The UN estimates conflict has driven 400,000 into famine-like conditions, with up to 7 million people in need of food assistance. God, we pray for conflict to end, and that solutions would be found to provide aid to Ethiopians in need.

We pray for rising gas prices. Analysts have warned that energy bills could increase by hundreds of pounds between now and the summer if global gas prices remain high. God, we pray for all who would be affected by higher bills, particularly those already in poverty. We ask that they would be protected from further hardship, and wouldn’t have to suffer in cold homes this winter.

Joan Smith

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