Daily Prayers for our World

We pray for those facing the threat of eviction. Out of 555 cases observed by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism in July and August, 270 ended in a possession order, with 88 of those cases mentioning the impact of Covid on their finances. God, we pray for provision for those struggling with debts and overdue rent, and that they would not have to become homeless.

We pray for the global debt crisis. The International Monetary Fund believes that 35 to 40 countries are ‘debt distressed’, with more than 100 countries facing spending cuts to reduce budget deficits even whilst facing Covid-19. God, we pray for countries struggling with debt during the pandemic, and ask for provision to meet the needs of their populations.

We give thanks for Black History Month, which runs through October in the UK. The month draws attention to the history of black people in the UK, both highlighting injustices and celebrating the contributions of black people to life in this country. God, we thank you for the diversity of this country, and honour the legacy of those we remember this month. We pray that more and more, black history would not be confined to one month, and would be given its due prominence in British history.

We give thanks for innovations in farming. The world’s largest vertical farm is being planned near Bristol, which allows produce to be grown in 17 vertical layers, without pesticides, using 95% less water, and significantly reducing the air and road miles of the food grown. God, we thank you for the development of more sustainable methods of farming.

We pray for the migration crisis at the Mexico/US border. The last few weeks has seen the number of Haitian migrants grow to over 12,000, and US border authorities have been criticized for pushing them back into Mexico with undue force and deporting them without asylum. God, we pray for every person sheltering at the border, and ask that you would fill the hearts of US and Mexican authorities with compassion and love to find solutions to the crisis.

We pray for the safety of women and girls. High-profile murders in recent months have highlighted and amplified the fear many women live with of violent and/or sexual assault from men both in and outside of the home, with confidence in the police also having been eroded. God, we pray for violence to cease, justice for victims, and for streets and homes to be safe for all.

We pray for the 6 million people on Universal Credit and their families, who will be impacted by the £20 cut to Universal Credit. This is the biggest overnight cut to the basic rate of social security since the birth of the modern welfare state, and is predicted to pull half a million more people into poverty, according to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. God, we pray that no one would have to live in need of basics like food, heating, and shelter. Protect those who will be worst affected by this cut.

Joan Smith

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