Daily Prayers for our world

We pray for GPs. The pandemic has led to severe disruption to normal service for more than a year, leading to rising numbers of patients threatening to overwhelm GPs. God, we pray for healing for those who are unwell, and support for GPs facing rising workloads.

We pray for the G7. Next week, the leaders of the G7 will meet to discuss building back from coronavirus, amid calls to commit to climate action including plastic waste. God, we pray that our leaders might be guided by your wisdom, to steward the earth in a responsible and caring way.

We give thanks for creation. It’s World Environment Day, when communities all around the world come together to celebrate and conserve the earth. God, we give thanks for your beautiful creation, and for those taking bold action to protect it.

We give thanks for schemes addressing learning lost as a result of the pandemic. This week, a ‘laptop library’ has opened in London to help disadvantaged children who may not have devices at home. God, we give thanks for those trying to widen participation and access to education, and pray for government support in addressing lost learning.

We pray for the UK’s international development budget. Today, an amendment is being voted on which, if passed, will restore the budget to 0.7% of GNI after a cut earlier in the year. God, we pray that the UK might be generous and compassionate towards our global neighbours

We pray for asylum seekers housed in inadequate accommodation. Last week, a judge ruled that accommodation at Napier Barracks failed to meet a minimum standard and that Home Office processes are unlawful. God, we pray for swift action to be taken to house those seeking safety in adequate accommodation, and for compassionate, welcoming policies.

we pray for Sri Lanka. Last week, the sinking of a fire-damaged container ship loaded with chemicals off the country’s coast has triggered a potential ecological disaster. God, we pray for protection for all marine life affected by the incident and for swift action to limit its effects


Joan Smith

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