Daily Prayer for our World – 1 December

We pray for Ethiopia, as fighting draws closer to its capital of Addis Ababa. The Ethiopian military has recruited thousands of volunteers to help defend against the advancing Tigrayan rebels, and further escalation appears imminent. God, we pray for peace in Ethiopia, that the conflict would be resolved without further bloodshed.

We give thanks for the decreasing amount of litter washing up on UK beaches. Volunteers from the 2021 Great British Beach Clean found 385 pieces of litter for every 100m of beach, down from 425 in 2020 and 558 in 2019. God, we thank you for progress in this area, and pray for the necessary action to drive the number down further

We give thanks for signs of recovery in the Great Barrier Reef. The corals have begun spawning again, a sign of recovery after recent life-threatening coral bleaching caused by high ocean temperatures. God, we thank you for this colourful symbol of hope and new life, and pray for the reef’s continued renewal.

We pray for all who make the dangerous journey across the Channel in search of safety and a better life. At least 27 people died on Wednesday attempting that journey, the biggest single loss of life in the Channel since records began in 2014. God, we uphold their memory and lament the circumstances that lead people to take such risks. We pray for a compassionate and humane response to those seeking refuge.

We pray for those at risk of flooding over the winter. The government has warned that the climate crisis is exacerbating flood risks across the country, with as many as 1.5 million households at risk of heavy impacts. God, we pray that all people at risk would be helped to prepare for flooding, so that suffering could be avoided


We pray for those who will struggle to afford the basics this winter. Citizens Advice report that one in ten UK families – about 3 million households – are facing a cost of living crunch because of the Universal Credit cut, soaring energy bills, and rising inflation. God, we pray that these people would be supported so that no one would have to go without food or heating.


Joan Smith

One comment on “Daily Prayer for our World – 1 December

  1. Dear Joan,

    its good to know that Salisbury URC is praying for peace in Ethiopia. The origins of the conflict are quite complex and deep-seated. There is a real problem of ethnicity in the country – one ethnic group setting itself up against another, and vice versa.

    There really needs to be a work of God’s grace in the life of the people to heal this ethnic hatred between the different ethnic groups.

    Best WIshes, John Paintin

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