Daily Prayer for our World

We continue to pray for all those affected by wildfires. Fires have spread quickly across parts of Europe and North Africa as temperatures rise. God we pray for safety for those affected, and for those fighting fires. May you bring your peace and healing

We pray for everyone facing bailiff action because of debt. At least 280,000 households in England had visits from bailiffs in the first year of the pandemic. God, we pray for everyone weighed down by debt during the pandemic, to know your comfort and be treated with compassion.

We give thanks for communities coming together to support refugees. Communities are coming together to provide clothes and toys for Afghans arriving in the UK. God, we give thanks for those seeking to provide welcome and sanctuary to those seeking safety, and pray for a compassionate and just resettlement programme for people fleeing

We give thanks for campaigners seeking to improve the lives of disabled people. This week, a global campaign was launched aiming to improve inclusion, raise awareness, and end discrimination of disabled people around the world. God, we give thanks for the dedication and work of campaigners seeking to make the world a more inclusive place.

We pray for Haiti. Last week an earthquake of 7.2 magnitude hit the country, leading to widespread injury and death. God, we pray for the people of Haiti who have lost livelihoods, loved ones, lives, or health, that they might know your comfort and be well supported by an international response.

We pray for people struggling with chronic fatigue. A health watchdog has paused a final update to ME treatment guidance, a move that has angered some charities. God, we pray for healing, comfort, and strength for people suffering from chronic fatigue

We pray for Cabo Delgado in Mozambique. An estimated 800,000 have been displaced and 3000 killed since 2017 by an Islamist insurgency, al-Shabaab. God, we pray for safety and comfort for those who have fled and those who are caught in the middle of violence.

Joan Smith

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