Daily Prayer for our World

We pray for social care. Leading care organisations in England have warned of a potential ‘cliff edge’ in funding when emergency funding runs out in two weeks. God, we pray that your love and compassion might be shown through adequate funding for social care.

We pray for those suffering from long Covid. Chronic pain and fatigue long after the initial period of infection with Covid has proved to be fairly common and particularly devastating to health. God, we pray for the comfort, peace, and healing which you bring, and for appropriate healthcare provision for this issue.

We pray for asylum seekers and refugees. The Home Secretary has recently announced plans to make rules about seeking asylum in the UK tougher and more punitive. God, we pray that your love for all people, no matter their country of origin, would be shown towards asylum seekers, and that cases might be dealt with compassionately.

We pray for survivors of racially motivated hate crimes. In the USA, violent anti-Asian hate crimes are on the rise in racially driven attacks prompted by conspiracy theories. God, we pray that all people will be shown your love and your acceptance across the globe and that all people might be safe from such attacks.

We pray for escalating nuclear tensions. Just days after the UK announced an increase on the cap on nuclear warheads stockpiled, North Korea has tested two short-range ballistic missiles last week. God, we pray for the reconciliation which you bring between nations and people, and that your peace might be shown in global relations.


Joan Smith

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