Daily Prayer for our World

We pray for Sri Lanka. The UN high commissioner for human rights and civil rights groups has warned that the country could descend back into violence and human rights abuses unless international action is taken. We pray for those seeking justice for past atrocities and for a swift and just resolution to potential violence.

We give thanks for democratic processes. As the UK gears up for elections in May, Niger has recently organised its first peaceful transition of democratic power since regaining independence in 1960. We give thanks for peaceful democratic processes globally and pray that peaceful transfers of power will become the norm.

We give thanks for outreach tackling digital exclusion among students. A Yorkshire firm have mended and donated more than 450 devices to local children who did not previously have access to a device for remote learning. We give thanks for innovative solutions to digital exclusion and pray for continued and increased inclusivity in remote learning.

We pray for people facing discrimination because of their gender. Today is International Women’s Day, on the theme of #ChooseToChallenge. We pray for those challenging and facing discrimination all around the globe because of their gender.

We pray for Myanmar. Last week saw the deadliest day for protestors after a military coup last month, with almost 40 people killed. We pray for those who are injured or grieving, and for courage and comfort for those protesting injustice

We pray for child refugees. As a legal complaint is lodged against the European Court of Human Rights alleging mistreatment of child refugees in Greece, long-standing injustices in asylum systems are coming to light. We pray for safe passage and adequate provision for those fleeing unsafe homes.

We pray for Brazil. Last week the country’s daily death toll reached an all-time high, amid high cases of Covid-19. We pray for people who are unwell or grieving with the virus, and comfort for those concerned for their health and safety.

Joan Smith

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