Coming up at URC’s Westminster College

These courses and events at Westminster College are open to members and friends of the United Reformed Church.

Venue: Westminster College   —  Madingley Road, Cambridge, CB3 0AA

Supporting Elders 2019 – Leadership and Spirituality

Friday 5th – Sunday 7th July 2019
This year we will be focusing on ways in which Elders can be supported in the important task of offering Leadership of the local church and how in the business of the role we can both develop our own spiritual lives and offer spiritual leadership to the church.
As ever this popular event will be a mixture of input from college staff, discussion, reflection and worship, as well as social time together. There will also be space to enjoy the facilities and beauty of Westminster and Cambridge.
Single room £139, double room £277, day delegate £51.

Lens, Pen and Paintbrush – Exploring our Christian spirituality using art and creativity
Saturday 17th – Sunday 18th August 2019
Many of us find that writing, painting, photography or drawing can provide a route into deeper contemplation of the Bible and individual prayer life, and this retreat offers an opportunity to explore our faith using these creative arts. We will reflect on Bible stories, look at Cambridge through the lens of creative art, and be inspired to develop our skills as we consider how we might use them in sharing faith with those who prefer to be ‘spiritual but not religious’.
Worship will be creative, personal and gathered – offering ample time for private prayer, and plenteous time for sharing.
Linda Rayner, Neil Thorogood, John Potter and Peter Ball look forward to welcoming you and guiding as little, or much as you prefer.
Single room £69, double room £139, day delegate £25

Supporting Lay Preachers and Worship Leaders – Sing a new Song – The use of Scripture in Worship
Monday 12th – Wednesday 14th August or Friday 13th – Sunday 15th September 2019
Our 2019 Supporting Lay Preachers and Worship Leaders residentials will be helping us to Sing a New Song as we explore worship together. During our time together we will be thinking about all aspects of worship and the rich resources available to us from ancient to modern. We will also think about how we can use these resources to keep worship fresh and offer new insights, for ourselves and the congregations we serve. Our Biblical focus will be the Gospel of Matthew, and we are excited to announce that our new New Testament Tutor will be leading the Biblical insights into Matthew’s gospel.
Single room £139, double room £277, day delegate £51.

Blue Planet, Blue God
11th-13th September 2019
This is a conference for anybody concerned with the well being of our planet and our oceans. After the acclaimed Blue Planet 2 series on television we are fortunate to have Prof. Meric Srokosz and Dr Rebecca Watson with us whose book offers a fresh new lens through which to look at the Bible. We will be helped to look at the theme of caring for our planet of which 71% is sea and of how this fits with our understanding of scripture. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about one of the most pressing issues of our age. This conference is running in collaboration with the Faraday Institute for Science and religion, and Wesley House Cambridge.
Single room £169, double room £307, day delegate £81.

Understanding Dementia
and dementia friendly worship (with the Faraday Institute of Science and Religion)
2nd November 2019
Dementia is something that affects many people, be it within family, among friends or as part of church communities. It is important for us to have an understanding of dementia that allows us to be able to support those who are dealing with it on a day to day basis and to offer appropriate support.
For churches, not only is this important for pastoral and practical support but also to enable us to consider how we might be offering worship that allows those suffering from dementia to feel included in and benefit from worship services. This day will aim to help provide information and resources to aid our understanding of both.
£30 per person.

Booking forms available on the Westminster College website
alternatively phone 01223 330632, or email [email protected] for a booking form to be posted to you.



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