Church Meeting 10 Oct

Salisbury United Reformed Church

Church Meeting, Sunday 10th October 2021

12.00  in person and via Zoom

Zoom link:


  1. Apologies: Please contact Harvey Baird or Joan Smith with your apologies before the meeting.
  2. Opening Devotions
  3. Agreement of hybrid meeting procedures
  4. News of the Church Family
  5. Minutes of the last meeting
  6. Reports distributed by email (from Church Secretary); reports will be received as read.
    • Ministers – Ana & Tod Gobledale
    • Finance – Raymond Crowther
    • Elders – Joan Smith
      • Proposal 1: ‘Salisbury URC agrees to register as a legal venue for same-sex marriages.’ (Voting will be by ballot.)
      • Proposal 2: ‘Salisbury URC agrees to continue paying for Mission & Ministry at the same rate as 2021 + 1%, adding approximately £21 per month.’ (Voting will be by ballot.)
    • Property / Fabric Steward – Roger Harrison
    • Pastoral Carers Group – Diane Coles
    • Junior Church – Fiona Crowther
    • Risk Assessment / Church re-opening – Fiona Crowther
    • Traidcraft – Anne Eve
  1. Proposal for Action
    • From Christine Haines: ‘That the church continues to support and encourage the work of the 2nd Salisbury Scout Group and trust it will continue to meet in our church.’
  1. Date of next Church Meeting – 9 January 2022

(Written reports will be distributed when received by the Church Secretary.)




Salisbury United Reformed Church

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