A Prayer for Christian Aid Week

Prayer from Sierra Leone
by Revd Christiana Sutton-Koroma (adapted)

Eternal One,
we remember this promise you have given to us,
that we may prosper and be of good health.
We lift up our concern for all pregnant women,
that they may prosper, and be of good health,
and they should bring forth healthy babies.
We ask you to move into the hospitals,
move into the clinics.
Grant wisdom to the doctors and nurses,
knowledge and understanding,
so they may be able to off the care so desperately needed,
so that mothers who are bringing forth children
may be happy,
and the fathers may be happy,
and the family and the whole community
will be happy.
God, we ask you to send forth your blessings
in every home,
in every family,
where there are children.
Bless them with wisdom, knowledge and understanding,
and good health.
Make way for them where there seems to be no way,
so that they will be able to take care of their children.
We ask this in the name of Jesus the Christ.


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Salisbury United Reformed Church