Alabare celebrates 30 years of service

30 years ago, the founders of Alabaré were challenged by God, the Christian Community and the growing levels of homelessness in Salisbury, to set up Alabaré, and in doing so offer a safe home and support.  Those were challenging but exciting times as they stepped out in faith and launched Alabaré’s first appeal to raise £40,000 to buy the first property – to be known as Barnabas House. Many doubted they could do it but through prayer and the generosity of the community in Salisbury, they achieved it.

Now 30 years on, the work of Alabaré has touched the lives of thousands of people not only in Salisbury but also across the South, South West and Wales.  Alabaré’s work has grown and now supports young parents and their babies, Armed Forces veterans, those recovering from addictions, people who have struggled with their mental well-being, young people who are coming out of care and others whose lives we have enriched with training and education, especially for adults with learning difficulties.

Thanks to everyone in our church who has supported this important work in our community and region.


Salisbury United Reformed Church

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