URC Black History Monthly 19th April 7.30pm on Zoom

URC Black History Monthly

A one-hour conversation every month

Third Monday Evenings @ 7.30pm on Zoom

Monday 19th April 7.30pm

Zoom Link:    https://zoom.us/j/99060809545?pwd=YlFOR2k2TUozbmJiWVZPSkxMQjNXUT09

Zoom Meeting ID: 990 6080 9545            Passcode: 264326

Programme for Monday 19th April, 7.30-8.30pm

Elizabeth Heyrick’s classic 1824 Anti-slavery Pamphlet

This month we will be reviewing a classic text from the struggle of Abolitionists with the UK Establishment as they sought to end slavery in the British Caribbean colonies.  It’s a lively pamphlet by a Quaker woman, Elizabeth Heyrick, called “Immediate, not gradual, abolition” written in 1824 (after the slave rebellion in Demerara) in which she picks a fight not only with the Slave Interest, but with the male leaders of the UK Abolitionist movement.  Its vigour is undimmed and its relevance remains fresh and challenging today.

The text of Elizabeth Heyrick’s pamphlet will be available on the URC website.



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