10 January Order of Service & Link  –  Re-Commitment & Covenant Sunday

9:45  Fellowship – 10:30 Worship

Andover & Salisbury United Reformed Churches – united in worship on Zoom

Being who God calls us to be –Renewal of Baptism Promises & Re-Commitment of Serving Elders

Zoom link for Sunday morning worship  — https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89190316526

No matter the distance between us, the uncertainty of the times or how isolated we might feel,  we are never alone.  God calls us into being and takes pleasure in who we are!

Thanks to our Zoom IT Team:  Elaine, Ron, Joan, Izabella, Anne, Tahira, Joan

At home preparation:

We will be blending New Year traditions from both Andover and Salisbury congregations – renewing our baptism vows, re-committing ourselves for 2021 and inducting church Elders and leaders set aside for special tasks in the year ahead.

  • Renewal of Baptism vows: Have a bowl of water and a towel at hand.  Using water — the water of life, the water of baptism, that flows from your own taps —  you will be invited to make the mark of the cross on your hands, or receive the mark of the cross from someone who is with you, as a sign of the renewal of your baptism promises.
  • Star Words: Cut out a paper star.  Have a pen or thick marker to write (on the star) with.

A tradition in many churches is for everyone to receive a Star-word, a Watch Word to guide them through the New Year.

An entire congregation might also choose a single Guiding Star Word to focus on during the year ahead. What might our congregation’s Star Word be for 2021?  Let me know if you have an idea for our congregation’s Star Word for 2021.

If you’d like a personal Star Word, there’s a simple website that has been developed by a colleague to provide you with a randomly selected Star Word for 2021. Simply click on the link to the ‘Word of the Year Generator’ and discover your 2021 Star Word. If you don’t like the first one, ask for a replacement!  We’ll be creating and sharing Star Words during the service.

Link:  Word of the Year Generator by Jen Fulwiler

Looking Ahead:

Over the next three weeks we will be focusing on ‘Being who God calls us to be.’

10 January:  Making promises – reviewing and renewing our vows of baptism and commitment.

17 January:  Stewardship – How does our giving reflect who God calls us to be?  Looking at our giving and how stewardship moves us from words of covenant and commitment into action.

24 January: Discipleship – What does it mean to ‘Be who God calls us to be’?  How do we live out our lives as disciples of Jesus; how do our choices reflect our covenant to be God’s faithful people?  What does it really mean to leave our nets and follow Jesus?

Order of Service

Welcome– Duty Elder, Anne Eve

Prelude    To a wild rose by Edward MacDowell

Church Notices  

Call to Worship  

Opening Hymn  At the name of Jesus – C.M.Noel PD; music ‘Evelyns’ – W.H.Monk PD CCL 4772714 

Covenant Review

A New Year Prayer      by Sandy Messick (adapted)  — Diane Coles  

The Lord’s Prayer  

Scripture  Mark 1:4-11   —  Frances Williams

God Spot – Baptism      Mark 1:11 ‘You are my child with whom I am well pleased.’

Collection & Dedication of Offering   Please continue your gifts to support our churches.

PayPal direct link: (reference Salisbury or Andover)  Donate (paypal.com)

Single gift & Standing Orders:

   Bank details for Andover United Reformed Church: Sort Code 40-08-28;  Account No. 51652362

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Prayers for our world   Harvey Baird  

Scripture     Acts 19:1-7     Progress Players: Adam, Fiona & Harvey

Hymn  Baptism of Jesus – George Stuart, no 94 B; music ‘Kingsfold’ R. Vaughan Williams PD

Prayer:  We have forgotten our baptism, a prayer, Thandiwe Dale-Ferguson, USA   –Anne Eve

Renewal of Baptism Promises

Believing and trusting in God, I repent of my sins,
turn away from evil and turn to Christ.
I believe I am worthy in the eyes of God.
I accept the gift and cost of following Jesus in my daily life and work. 
With the whole Church, I will proclaim by word and action
the good news of Emmanuel, God with us

Act of Commitment & Promise
During our next hymn, everyone will be invited to participate in a ritual act of renewal and covenant, using water to make the mark of the cross on your hands, or receive the mark of the cross from someone who is with you, as a sign of the renewal of your baptism promises.

Hymn  Spirit of the living God – Michael Baughen © The Jubilate Group CCL 4159083
Spirit of the living God – Daniel Iverson © 1963 Birdwing Music CCL 23488

Prayer of Commitment & Promise

God Spot:  Star Words      An opportunity to share our Star Words in small groups will be provided.   

Re-commitment of Elders & Church Leaders

Scripture   1 Timothy 3:8-10,13     Joan Smith

Recognition of all URC Elders and those from other churches

The Nature, Faith and Order of the United Reformed Church

One:  We gather as God’s people, united in worship and mission as the United Reformed Church. The life of faith to which we are called is the Spirit’s gift, continually received through the Word, the Sacraments and our Christian life together.
All:  We acknowledge the gift and answer the call, giving thanks for the means of grace.
One: Held together in the Body of Christ through the freedom of the Spirit, we rejoice in the diversity of the Spirit’s gifts and uphold the rights of personal conviction.
All:  We commit ourselves to speak the truth in love and grow together in the peace of Christ.  Amen.

Questions to Elders making commitments to serve in 2021

    • Do you accept the office of Serving Elder in your respective congregation, and promise to perform the duties faithfully, serving the congregation and supporting the ministers, God being your helper? Please respond with, ‘I do with the help of God.’ I do, with the help of God.

Question for Congregation (everyone)

One:  Do you, members and adherents of Andover and Salisbury United Reformed Churches promise to support and encourage these whom will serve as Elders, and promise to hold them in your prayers?

All:  We do, with the help of God.  In the name of Christ, we welcome you.  May we grow together in unity and love and be built up into the body of Christ to the glory of God. Amen.  

Song    Lord speak to me – F.R.Havergal PD CCL 2769286; music ‘Herongate’  – English Traditional Melody arr R.Vaughan Williams O.U.P.  (RS  613)

Sending forth & the Grace

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us all now and forever.  Amen.

Postlude    Fugue in G major by J S Bach

Go with God to be the person God has created you to be.

Breakout GroupsAn opportunity for fellowship with friends old & new


Salisbury United Reformed Church

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